Hey Dian and Her Pastel Girls

Meet Dian Purnamasari a.k.a Hey Dian, an illustrator and graphic designer who creates a world of dreamy pastel girls. She expresses all of her feelings into her drawing, that makes her artworks seem sentimental and rich of mystery. Let’s chat with her about her creative process!

What’s been keeping you busy these days?
I’m currently working as a graphic designer at some graphic house in South Jakarta. I also work as freelance illustrator and graphic designer beside my main job at the office. Beside that right now I’m in the middle of preparing a small motion graphic start-up with my friend.

Any hobbies?
Drawing, watching movies, and listening to music. Oh and traveling! I really love adventure, trying new things and new places where I can connect myself to nature.

When did you start working in art and design?
I started doing work and practice in graphic since college. At first, I did branding stuff for clients, like making logos, packaging, and promotion media. But as time goes by, I got illustration job such as print art for gifts, greeting cards, to cushions. And now I also do motion graphic works.

Do you remember when did you become passionate about drawing?
It started when I was in kindergarten. At that time, I filled my drawing books with rice fields, animals, sceneries, to cartoon characters. I started to hang my drawing on the wall in my room. And then when I was in elementary school, I tried to join many drawing competitions. In middle school I tried mural competitions, in high school I took art class, and then in college I took Visual Communication Design as my major.

How do you describe your artworks? What makes them unique?
Full of pastel colors. What I love about pastel colors is they give a sweet, calm, and dreamy feeling. I like to draw characters with small eyes, asian face, and bright skin. I personally think that small eyes are beautiful and they have some kind of mystery beneath them. Every piece of my artworks tell some secret message, sometimes about hope, imagination, and also about dream.

What medium do you usually use?
Usually I use digital media, Adobe Illustrator. But sometimes I also use manual tools, paper, pencil, and watercolor.

Why do you choose it as your medium?
I use Adobe Illustrator because it’s fast and easy, I can draw straightly in there without making some sketches first. I can look for colors immediately and spontaneously after imagination comes , so the drawing doesn’t lose the idea and feeling that I imagine it to be. The challenge is to explore new things in vector illustration, find new exciting color combinations, and give details to the drawing so it doesn’t look boring.

Do you have any favorite artist?
I’m a big fan of 2 illustrators from Taiwan, Whooli Chen and Hsiao-Ron Cheng. I also love Sonya Fu from Hongkong. I adore their style and colors, they’re mysterious, dreamy, and utterly beautiful.

Where do you usually get inspiration?
From Japanese or western movies with beautiful cinematography such as films by Wes Anderson, Naoko Ogigame, Yukiko Mishima, or Ghibli animation. Beside that I usually get inspiration from music, traveling, and browsing the internet.

Where did you learn about graphic design and art?
I learned graphic design at Petra Christian University, Surabaya.

What makes you join Printerous Artist Program?
I think Printerous will help me to learn about merchandising. I can sell whatever I want in my store. Because most of the time I wok for clients, so I have to follow what they want. But now, I can create whatever I want. Printerous is a channel for me to be myself.

What do you think about the development of local artists?
I think the development of local artists is really rapid. There are so many young emerging artists with great talents and they’re now well known all across the globe.

Any plan for near future?
Keep on drawing until people recognize them. Trying to establish a small motion graphic venture. And also preparing myself until I get a chance for exhibition.

What’s your dream?
To create jobs for people in graphic design.

Who do you want to collaborate with? Anyone in mind?
For local artists, I want to collaborate with Sarkodit, Neng Iren, and Renata Owen. Sarkodit and Neng Iren have such incredible manual drawings. Renata Owen has amazing vector drawings. For international artists, I would like to collaborate with Whooli Chen and Sonya Fu because I adore their style and works.

Shoutouts to other fellow artists?
Stay passionate, don’t get tired of doing what you love, never forget to pray, always respect your parents, keep your mind and soul healthy in order to reach your dream.

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