If you have an F&B business or wish to create an F&B business, surely the first thing you prepare is equipment that supports the store, one of which is a paper bag. Indeed, it seems that paper bags require no small budget. But paper bags have their own features and selling power as product packaging.

Well, for that when making paper bags you must pay attention to the creation of interesting paper bags design or functions so that your business is growing. This time Printerous provides practical and easy steps when making paper bags with online printing platform, which is Printerous!

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Here are the steps:

  1. Type Printerous.com or you can search for Printerous keywords in Google on your browser

2. After that Printerous.com homepage will appear, you can login / register first before starting to make a brochure to simplify the process

There are options to login / register with Google or Facebook account, click and enter your email address and password. After successfully login / registered, make sure your e-mail has been verified to continue.

3. Then click the print “Packaging” product option, then the Food Paper Bag

4. Click Food Paper Bag and paper bag print product display will appear

5. Choose the type of food paper bag you want, for example: Satchel (left)

6. After that, it will be directed to the specifications of the food paper bag

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7. If you have finished selecting specifications, scroll to the bottom to fill the delivery address, quantity, and date you would like to receive paper bag. 

8. If the specification section is complete, move the cursor to the right corner where there is a summary of the order, make sure all the specification is right before uploading the design.

9. Next, there will be “a file upload” pop up, select the file you want to use as a paper bag design. If the file is too large, you can attach a link in the second option.

10. After the file has been uploaded, click save design and wait a few moments for the display to appear.

11. If the upload process is complete, you will be directed directly to the payment page, once again make sure the address and specifications are right before clicking pay now.

12. New page will appear immediately that shows payment options, you can choose to pay using credit card, e-wallet (OVO or GO-PAY) or virtual bank account listed.

Credit Card

Online Payment Gopay

13. After completing payment, help us get better. Your participation and response will be greatly appreciated!

14. The final step is to make a payment, all you have to do is wait for the print product to be delivered to your address as soon as the printing process is complete.

Those the easy steps to make a paper bag with Printerous.com, all processes have been done online. So you can make paper bags anywhere without the need to go to the printing place directly. To find out more about the characteristics of paper bags or things needed for good packaging, you can read our blog.

Print your business needs at Printerous, get the ease and quality of the best print products to grow your business here.

Printerous, printing made easy!

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