The Holy month of Ramadan is coming. This year, Ramadan celebration might be different as we are currently fighting for COVID-19 in Indonesia. The government has appealed to do social distancing and do activities from home, including work. Meanwhile, Ramadan period usually filled with interesting business ideas to embrace the momentum of biggest holiday in Indonesia. 

Don’t worry as in fact, you can do business this Ramadan month while staying at home. Take advantage of technology, logistics services, and online motorcycle taxis to run a business from home!

These are 3 profitable Ramadan business ideas that you can do from home:

Eid Cookies

The month of Ramadan always identical with delicious foods, and one of the must-haves it eid cookies. Eid cookies also commonly delivered to close relatives to celebrate Ied Mubarak. You can sell eid cookies online. Use appealing packaging as an added value, print label stickers with a brand logo and stick them on the cookie jars.

Delivery catering service

During the fasting month, people usually cannot wait to break the fast with their family and friends. While this situation to stay at home occurs, cooking or ordering food online is worth to be considered. A delivery catering service for this fasting month is another interesting business idea. Create delicious menus, do marketing through Instagram and WhatsApp group, and use online motorcycle taxis for delivery.

Eid Hampers

Hampers are the perfect choice to send for our closest relatives as we might not be able to visit them this year. Different from parcel, hampers is more intimate and is a personal gift for certain events such as Eid and Christmas. Hampers can contain foods such as cookies, beverages, home and living products like table cloth, pillowcase, etc. Don’t forget to print greeting cards so the sender can personalize their hampers with a heartfelt message.

So, those are 3 Ramadan business ideas to do while staying at home. Even though the current situation seems less than ideal, there is no harm in staying productive in business by utilizing the right momentum. Moreover, don’t forget to equip your product with high-quality printing products. #PrintOnlineAja without the hassle and worry of going out only at Printerous.com. There are various variants of label stickers for Eid cookies and catering packaging also Ramadan greeting cards to personalize you Ramadan hampers.