Photo by Ahmed Aqtai From Pexels.com

Ramadan this year will feel very different than the Ramadan of the previous years. This is because almost all countries in the world are facing Corona virus pandemic. Therefore, we are strongly encouraged to remain at home and limit social interactions.

Then what is the difference? 

Worship at Home

If you have previously served a tarawih prayer in the mosque, in Ramadan 2020, MUI suggests worship at home. Because of this plague, we are encouraged to avoid the crowd, and do social restrictions. The view that we are interested in when Ramadan is a mosque filled with people who tarawih seems to have changed in Ramadan this year. 

Image Source: id.wikipedia.org

Ramadan Bazaar

Ngabuburit’s habit of looking for fast-breaking snacks is very enjoyable while waiting for the time to open. We often see the street scenery people peddle a grain in plastic cups, fruits, or other sweet foods. This year it seems that we will not find it. The application of physical distancing appealed to keep residents at home and limited social activity to avoid crowds. Ramadan Bazaar is a potential to cancel.

Mudik Restrictions

The unique phenomenon that occurs in the month of Ramadan is Mudik. During the Eid holidays, people come home to meet relatives in the hometown. However, this year’s Mudik is forbidden to reduce the spread of corona viruses. Many train schedules were canceled, the police would close toll roads and non-toll roads. After previously the government banned the Mudik for state civil apparatus, employees of state-owned enterprises, & TNI/police.

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