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In this period of pandemic, the whole community is obliged to wear masks in order to prevent the transmission of corona viruses or called COVID-19. A wide range of personal protective equipment and hard-to-sell products are bought even stock until depleted. Not only that, the price is getting soaring because the goods become difficult to obtain and the demand every day is always high. It can be called panic buying because many people who buy goods more than 2 can even up to 10. Everything happens everywhere, whether on social media, in the mall even a minimarket everything runs out of things like masks and health products such as hand sanitizer all sizes are hard to come by. If you want to buy those products you must do a pre-order system because buying ready stock at a selling price is very high.

Because a limited number of masks sold and medical personnel need more than the general public then the Government recommends for the community to wear masks with other materials such as cloth masks one of them. The government encouragement to wear a 3-layer mask or cloth when out is already compulsory for all citizens. But the 3 layer mask material is what it is like? According to Chief anaesthesiologist at Wake Forest Baptist Health, Dr. Scott Segal, who has studied home-made masks, gave advice. 

Photo by Vera Davidova From Unsplash

Check layer Mask Material

The first thing to do is to check the thick or thin layer mask. The way we stretch the mask fabric and show it to the light, if it is too easy to see it means that the material is still too thin. To make it thicker we create the material by creating a new layer. At least made of 3 layers.

Outer layer of nylon or cotton

To make a cloth mask more effective and painless, nylon or cotton material is suitable because it is smooth but also thick. It can filter dust better and other air particles are not easy to breathe. Researchers also suggest not to wear materials such as wool or fabrics that cause skin irritation.

Boiled cloth to be sterilised

According to researchers from the University of Pittsburgh with CDC guidelines, masks can use ordinary cotton jerseys but previously should be boiled first to be sterile for 10 minutes.

That’s the tips of choosing the ingredients and making cloth masks safely, all according to the results of the research from different countries. This cloth mask can protect the virus transmission from the air particles by 70-79%. This mask can also be used for the next 4 hours and should be washed afterwards. Don’t forget, the masks are very important in this pandemic. It is better to wear masks than not at all.

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