Iftar Photo by Naim Benjelloun from pexels.com

Fasting in the middle of a Covid-19 plague is certainly a concern, because the immune system that is able to protect itself from the possibility of contracting the virus can be decreased due to fasting activity. Then, what to do in order to remain able to observe fasting without having to worry about the immune body that can go down and cause the body is not prime when fasting? Here’s the tips:

Drink enough white water

You must already know that our bodies contain a lot of fluids so that if the fluid in the body decreases then we can feel weak or exhausted, therefore maintaining the intake of water when sowing and breaking fasting is obligatory, so that the need for fluid in the body remains fulfilled so that our body is still prime even in a state of fasting.

Reduce caffeine consumption

Perhaps not many know that excessive caffeine in the body is able to make our body dehydrated, so that when we consume caffeine when sowing or breaking fast, the fluid in our body will be reduced so that we are likely to experience dehydration higher. In addition, consuming excess caffeine when the month of Ramadan can be harmful to the stomach, because it can cause stomach acid rises that cause the stomach to feel uncomfortable. Reduction in caffeine consumption in Ramadan is highly recommended, especially for those with a history of gastric disease.

Consumption of vitamins

Maintaining body endurance When fasting can be supported by consuming vitamins in the time of Suhur or iftar, for example vitamin C which is one of the most needed vitamins to give immunity to the body. Compared to supplements, it is good if you consume natural vitamins derived from fruits or vegetables, although in fact both also remain beneficial to the body.

Stick Using masks

Regardless of all the food we consume to maintain endurance, we must also pay attention to our self-defence when outside the home. According to the Government’s recommendation, using a mask when leaving the house can reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19. There are many mask options that you can use, but scuba masks become one of the most used masks because of the material is comfortable and also antibacterial.

These are 4 tips that you can implement in this month of Ramadan so that fasting in Ramadan this year can run smoothly as in previous years. Always choose the products you need in Printerous. Congratulations on the fast worship, yes!