Photo by Anna Shvets From Pexels.com

What are the benefits and excess surgical masks compared to other types of masks? Apparently, there are many things that this type of mask has. Because of the material maker and also the way of making it not just stitched like other masks. Moreover, in the midst of an outbreak like this many people should be more protected, for example medical personnel. So, using surgical masks is uninsured as the most effective step. 

Benefits and excess surgical masks versus other masks

When compared with cloth or other masks, the benefits and excess surgical masks are at least 5 points. Here are some of the advantages in question. 

1. Surgical masks have smaller pores

Because the pores are smaller, the surgical mask will be very suitable for reducing the pandemic step. Because, cloth masks are very many models and types. There are some fabrics that are often somewhat rare, so the pores are larger. 

2. Can filter micro-sized bacteria and viruses

In conjunction with the first point is that the surgical mask has smaller pores, then surely the micro-sized bacteria and viruses will be easier to filter to the fullest. When worn in areas prone to exposure, the protection will be greater and more optimal.


Photo By Anna Shvets From Pexels.com

3. More standardized because of wire equipped

Occasionally, droplets can also stick to the unprotected part of the nose. So, with a wire that can be shaped like a nose contour, then surgical masks will be able to help improve protection. So, the curved parts around the nose and cheeks are completely tightly sealed to ensure no droplets enter through the gap.

4. Not making nasal congestion

Many people complain of tightness when using a scuba type mask or cloth. Yes, it is a type of scuba mask made from a foam-like material, so it is possible to make the user feel the airless. 

On the other hand, a cloth mask does not necessarily free the user from a sense of distress and tightness. Because, the type of cloth mask is also usually made with layers plus tissue on the pocket layer. So, it will definitely feel more crowded. 

However, on the other hand it is somewhat difficult also to not use a thick layer of cloth when there is a pandemic. So, inevitably using masks with special ingredients is much needed. So, if you wear surgical masks, this flavour will diminish. 

Why so? Because although only a few ply thin the stitches and pores are very small. So, it won’t feel like you’re wearing a surgical mask. Different from if wearing a scuba mask or a type of cloth. 

5. Softer and less irritating materials

The main ingredients of surgical masks are designed specifically for patients as well as medical personnel. Because it should be used by the sick too, it is made to mask the soft and not irritating material. Not just the main part of the mask, but the elastic mask straps are also anti-blister in the skin section. Even though your skin is sensitive, there are very few notes about surgical masks that cause irritation. 

So, that’s the benefit and excess surgical masks compared to the homemade cloth masks. However, be sure to buy it if it is necessary. Because medical personnel are much more needy than others in general. Do not buy from the origin especially if very limited stock and better stay at home to reduce exposure in large quantities.