When it’s hard or happy, a friend will always be by your side. Therefore, your best friend’s birthday is definitely one of the important days in your life. Give your friends a unique, interesting gift, and of course, it can be used for daily activities. For a special day, Printerous Moments can help you give some memorable gift ideas. So that you don’t get confused about what you want to find, here are 5 memorable gift ideas that you can give to your friends on their birthdays.

Gadget case

In addition to accessories that can be used on the body, you can also provide gadget accessories such as phone cases. To give more impressions, you can print a photo of you and your best friend as the background phone case. Don’t be confused about where to make it, you can make cool custom phone cases on Printerous Moments.


For your friends who are super busy, a watch is certainly an important necessity that you must have. This watch is also a symbol of discipline and on time for your friends. Choose a watch with a unique model that still suits your best friend’s taste.

Tote Bag

Another unique gift you can give is a Tote Bag. This simple and efficient bag will definitely be very useful for your friends, especially those who like to walk and be active. To be more cool, you can provide a tote bag that you can design yourself on Printerous Moments. So cool!


In order to make your friends looks fancier and cool, you can also give them accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings. To be more unique, you can make accessories that are equipped with carvings of their names or pendants with their favorite shapes.

Free Voucher

You can also spoil your friends with free vouchers. You can go together with your best friend at the same time for your quality time. For example vouchers to the salon, spa treatment, dining, or shopping at Printerous. You can buy your friends Printerous Moments Gift Cards by purchasing through sales@printerous.com.

Have you decided what you want to give on your best friend’s birthday later? Whatever the gift, make sure you choose according to your friend’s tastes, yes. For other memorable ideas, you can check further at Printerous Moments.