Business cards become an identity for everyone, especially those of you who are in the business world. Business cards are proof of professionalism and can reflect the personality of the self. When you want to make a business card, the most important thing to consider is about the design and concept of the card itself. Minimalist design is a good choice if you are a simple person and not adventurous.

At Printerous you can create a minimalist business card design with hundreds of templates to choose. But, so as not to be confused choosing a concept, here are some minimalist design ideas that might be applied to making your business cards later.


desain kartu nama monokrom

Monochrome or black and white is always the best choice for those of you who like minimalist business card designs. Even though it only uses two colors, the monochrome design has an inherent luxurious and elegant feel.

Adjust with the logo colour

Just use two colors to design your business card. One color can be black or white, while the other colors you can replace with colors that match your business logo. This business card design is also minimalist and quite reflects you and your business, because of the distinctive color that can represent you or your business.

Embossed Letters

Use medium size and easy to read fonts, also use business card format that is not complex. Like the format you can just include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail. Then create those information using embossed letters. It will make fancy impression as well. Very minimalist but still eye-catching.

Stamp Design

contoh unik desain kartu nama online

Stamps can also be an option for additional design of your business cards. Besides being minimalist, the addition of these stamps can give a vintage impression to your business cards.to your business card.

Square Business Card

cetak kartu nama square online

You can get a minimalist business card design by forming your business card into a square. Besides being simple, a square business card will also give a unique impression because its shape is different from the shape of a business card in general.

Now, for you so can focus more on taking care of your business, Printerous is here to make it easier for you to print business cards online. At Printerous, you can simply upload your brand design and then edit it with an online editor application or you can also simply choose through the hundreds of templates that have been provided. Email us for more information.