Printerous as Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 Official Printing Partner

Printerous as Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 Official Printing Partner

Entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and people who are interested in the world of technology must be familiar with this event. Tech in Asia is a forum for communication and networking between Small Medium Enterprise and investors. Tech in Asia helps entrepreneurs who just have a startup to develop their business. As in previous years, this year Tech in Asia has again held an international tech conference. This event was held on November 16-17, 2016 at Balai Kartini Convention Hall.

This year, Printerous is trusted to be an official printing partner at the prestigious Tech in Asia event. Printerous will print all business needs that are needed in the event, ranging from printing t-shirts, banners, posters, business cards, stickers and others. Tech in Asia events will be provided with quality goods printed through Printerous.

Printerous is an online platform that is ready to help print your business or personal needs into a variety of products. Printerous is divided into two platforms, namely Printerous Moments and Printerous Business. Printerous produces your prints and prints with the best quality materials. With Printerous, your printing needs are more efficient, simple and easy. No need to bother going to printing and traffic jams, everything can be ordered online.

There will be many successful startup founders who will be present as speakers, both domestic and foreign founders. Call it Nadiem Makarim Gojek CEO, William Tanuwijaya Co-founder of Tokopedia, Ferry Unardi Traveloka CEO, Veronica Linardi Co-founder and CEO of Qerja, Hadi Wenas CEO of Matahari Mall, and many more.

In this event, not only talk shows from successful people that you can see, but you can also do networking to find new insights, find potential investors, or the right partner for your startup business. If you open a booth, you can print business cards, tote bags, brochures, or flyers for networking on Printerous. But if you are only a visitor, networking can also be done by exchanging business cards, stickers, or wearing t-shirts with your business logo.

For those of you who have a startup and / or want to attend this event, don’t forget to prepare the business needs that you will bring when attending Tech in Asia later. For example a business card, flyer, or maybe a shirt with your company logo. To make the process of printing fast, easy, and efficient, you can print it on the Printerous & TIA official partner webpage. Bootstrap Package or Lean Package available or can also be varied according to your needs. This promo is only valid until November 11, 2016.

5 Reasons The Importance of Envelope & Letterhead in Business Kit

5 Reasons The Importance of Envelope & Letterhead in Business Kit

When you build a business, branding identity is definitely needed. Moreover, there is now a lot of competition that increasingly makes entrepreneurs have to be good at competing. One way to branding identity is with a business kit. Printerous will make it easy for you to make various business kits from business cards, envelopes, letterhead, posters, brochures, and etcetera. Now it turns out that in addition to business cards, business identity is also important to apply to your envelopes and letterhead. What is the reason? See below the explanation.

1. Give Professional Impression

With logos printed on envelopes and letterhead, your business will look professional. This good impression will certainly foster trust from your clients. Especially if your logo design is unique and eye-catching, giving a deep impression.

2. Proof of Official Letter

Company logo becomes a requirement as an official letter representing your company. That way, not only to be professionals, but your business will also be valued by clients as a credible company. Because, this proves that you are not playing in building a business image.

3. Giving information

Envelopes and letterhead with a logo can also provide information for clients or people who read your letter. There is a company address, telephone number, fax, website, and others. With this information, it is also easy for clients or letter readers to contact your company.

4. Company Branding

The logo printed on envelopes and letterhead is one way to build your company’s branding. Every client or letter reader can see and keep in mind the name of your company through the letters and envelopes provided. This is certainly a good opportunity to further enhance your company’s image.

5. Promotion Tools

In addition to the four reasons above, envelopes and letterhead are also means of branding and promotion of your company. For this reason, the logo design must be attractive, dynamic and eye-catching. Also, use different types of stationery in order to attract attention. Through this promotional activity, the company’s image or branding will also increase and cling to the minds of clients.

Those were the reasons you can consider why envelopes and letterhead are also important in a company’s business kit. To make printing envelopes and letterhead easier and less hassle, you can print them online with Printerous. Visit our Printerous website, choose envelopes or letterhead, choose the type of paper, how many to print, upload a design, and wait for the results to be sent to your address. For more details, you can also download the guidelines.

5 Memorable Gift Ideas for Your Friends

5 Memorable Gift Ideas for Your Friends

When it’s hard or happy, a friend will always be by your side. Therefore, your best friend’s birthday is definitely one of the important days in your life. Give your friends a unique, interesting gift, and of course, it can be used for daily activities. For a special day, Printerous Moments can help you give some memorable gift ideas. So that you don’t get confused about what you want to find, here are 5 memorable gift ideas that you can give to your friends on their birthdays.

Gadget case

In addition to accessories that can be used on the body, you can also provide gadget accessories such as phone cases. To give more impressions, you can print a photo of you and your best friend as the background phone case. Don’t be confused about where to make it, you can make cool custom phone cases on Printerous Moments.


For your friends who are super busy, a watch is certainly an important necessity that you must have. This watch is also a symbol of discipline and on time for your friends. Choose a watch with a unique model that still suits your best friend’s taste.

Tote Bag

Another unique gift you can give is a Tote Bag. This simple and efficient bag will definitely be very useful for your friends, especially those who like to walk and be active. To be more cool, you can provide a tote bag that you can design yourself on Printerous Moments. So cool!


In order to make your friends looks fancier and cool, you can also give them accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings. To be more unique, you can make accessories that are equipped with carvings of their names or pendants with their favorite shapes.

Free Voucher

You can also spoil your friends with free vouchers. You can go together with your best friend at the same time for your quality time. For example vouchers to the salon, spa treatment, dining, or shopping at Printerous. You can buy your friends Printerous Moments Gift Cards by purchasing through

Have you decided what you want to give on your best friend’s birthday later? Whatever the gift, make sure you choose according to your friend’s tastes, yes. For other memorable ideas, you can check further at Printerous Moments.

4 Tips for a Productive Friday

4 Tips for a Productive Friday

When the weekend arrives, do you feel unproductive working on Fridays? Especially if you are a freelance worker with working hours that can be determined by yourself.

If so, follow these 4 steps that can make you work more effectively so you can enjoy a more enjoyable weekend.

Start your day well

Getting up earlier than usual will help you to run a better day, also make sure to do activities that can provide inspiration and energy.

Plan the agenda for the coming week

Although there is no motivation to work on Fridays, it is a good idea to plan activities and to-do lists that are needed for the following week. After doing this, you will find it easy to come to the office on Monday, knowing that your work is well prepared.

Use the Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro technique is one of the strategies that can be used to increase productivity while working. The trick, take a break of five minutes after working for 25 minutes and do it while you are working. The goal is to maximize your work for these 25 minutes.

Understand your work hours

Of course, it is not easy to follow the set working hours and we are used to working more late. This will result in unproductive performance even though it can finish work on time. Use your time as best you can to meet family, friends, to exercise, so that the body and mind feel fit.

Challenge yourself to work well on Friday and enjoy a more maximum weekend.

Doff and Glossy Lamination for Wobbler

Doff and Glossy Lamination for Wobbler

Wobbler is one of print product that uses as promotion tools by various sales company. Wobbler often used from plastic or mica, usually has a round shape and able to sway. This wobbler usually attaches on the product shelf, cashier, or other places that look stand out for the customer to see. Wobbler is laminated so that it is more durable and not easily break. There are two types of laminations for wobbler: doff and glossy lamination.

Doff Lamination

Doff lamination resulting in the printout to not shiny and the purpose is to give protection to the printout. Print with doff lamination will prevent dirt and fingerprints on the booklet cover. Lights will not reflect on paper, compared to the results of glossy lamination. The texture of the paper is rough and not slippery to decrease the risk of slipping when compiled. Printout product that suitable to used doff lamination is picture, greeting card, wobbler, poster, magazine, flyer or booklet.

Glossy Lamination 

Glossy lamination resulting in a bright and shiny printout. Print with glossy lamination reflect light and result in better color tone than doff because of the characteristic that absorbs the color on ink. The price is relatively cheaper if compare with doff lamination. Glossy will give the impression of printout that looks more luxurious and good. But keep in mind while at the time the printing process just finished, try to not touch or hold directly. The purpose is so that the printout has not damaged because glossy lamination is very susceptible to fingers. Printout product that suitable to use glossy lamination is poster, wobbler, flyer, greeting card, pictures or even book.

In the end, whatever the choice of your lamination on wobbler, the most important to keep in mind is the quality of the materials. But no need to worry about the quality of the materials if you print with Printerous. At Printerous, we print and laminate your order only with guaranteed high-quality materials and with high-tech work system as well. Low-cost online print with guarantee quality only at Printerous, where Printing Made Easy!