Portable backdrops are suitable print products for event needs, business people and companies use them at exhibitions (expos) to attract attention of event visitors because of their large size so it eventually makes the designs and messages to be conveyed are striking. Portable backdrop itself has several other names in the print industry such as portable backwall or magnetic backdrop.

Some of the practical uses of portable backdrops include:

1. For business people and companies, trade shows become an effective place and provide many benefits so that it has always been their favorite platform for promotion or sales to prospective customers.

The presence of a portable backdrop as a promotional support is very important, product information, logos, slogans to the appearance of attractive designs can be highlighted clearly because of their wide and large size. This type of standing banner can give a different emphasis and impression to the visitors of the event.

2. Besides, portable backdrop is also very practical, the height can be adjusted to the maximum without additional tools. So there is no need for a large team or additional costs for installation. Printing portable backdrops can help you attend exhibitions with a controlled budget.

3. Portable backdrop is also durable, long-lasting and practical to install. This standing banner has some frames that can be folded small so that it takes up storage space and is easily opened when you want to display the banner. Its weight is fairly light but still looks sturdy after being installed.

4. The printed products for the promotion of this event can be a long-term investment because they can be used many times. You can repack it and use it later for another event. 

Material that Used

Usually made from common materials that are often used on banners, namely PVC which is then coated with vinyl stickers. Then the magnetic material is mounted on each panel to adjust to the framework.

The backdrop frame itself is usually made of lightweight aluminum with a plastic cover. Because it is made of aluminum and lightweight so that the frame can be folded and packaged into small sizes.

Size & Type

Portable backdrop itself has a variety of sizes and types, including:


Which has 2 sizes that are often used, 3 x 3 meters and 3 x 4 meters


The size is similar to curved one, which is 3 x 3 meters and 3 x 4 meters

Well, that’s an explanation of some things to know before printing a backdrop portable. After reading this article, I hope you become more aware of all aspects in making this standing banner a printed product.

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