A business card is an essential and functional information paper for businesses & professionals to build new relationships and opportunities. In today’s internet era, business cards are still very popular and are needed as proof of professionalism and can also reflect your characteristics.  But as the technology advance, business cards have changed in terms of design and shape to make it looks more attractive in the eyes. Therefore many are looking for business card example deas that can be used as references in printing business cards.

Well, because of that Printerous will give some business card examples that you can try to use in your creative business cards. Here are some business card ideas along with design steps that you can create according to your business and work:

Business Card Example 

When you look at business cards on the internet, social media or in your daily life, you often see that their business cards always look good, cool and interesting. So you would like to try to have a similar business card, but do you know that actually what you need is their steps in designing the business card. In terms of design patterns, you can use your creativity and imagination.

There are 7 steps that you can apply when designing before printing your business card. If you already have 3 important elements such as logos, color choices and business card content ideas, you are in a good stage. Here are some of the steps and business card example that you can try to follow : 

1.Know the Shape of Business Cards 

You can choose the standard shape of a rectangular business card as your business card printing option. But as technology develops, printing techniques also become advanced and more affordable, so that right now, people can get creative to explore more diverse business card shapes. This printing technique called die-cut, which enabled people nowadays to print with a variety of shapes and in large quantities.

business card example
business card example

But usually, if you want to print business cards with unique and cool shapes you have to use a custom print so that the printing can adjust it to your liking. You can ask more about custom print at Printerous customer service!

Different shapes of business cards all depend on the impression you want to present to people. With the unique form of business cards, you or your business company will have fun impression but it might have a different impact if it is in the formal environment.

2. Name Card Size

There is a Printerous article that also discusses the size of business cards. This usually depends on the national standard of your country, for Indonesia itself, the common standard size for printing business cards is 9 x 5.5 cm. But whatever the print size is, there are 3 things that you should always pay attention to when designing a business card.

  • Bleed Area : The area of ​​the line to be removed, this area is usually used to prevent cutting errors.
  • Trim Line : The Cutting Line
  • Safety Line : This is a safe area boundary line for your design, outside of this area is for cutting so make sure that important elements such as logos, text and such do not cross this line.

Surely you might often find these terms in the printing world or maybe not yet? In the design, it is most likely to provide several blank areas so that when printing, the print quality result can be maximized and satisfying.

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3. Start Adding Logos and Other Design Elements

business card example

After you have done these two steps, the next step is to insert the design elements. The logo will generally be placed in the center and it doesn’t matter if you want to add other designs among your company logos.

In general, printing has an option to print double-sided business cards, well, so if you choose to print business card with double-side, make the best use of dedicating the other side of your business card exclusively to the company logo and the other side to contact information.

business card example

You can also make the most of the design by adding additional graphic elements in the blank area of ​​the card, such as the card above, where the use of simple fonts, colors used and the choice of graphic elements on the business card harmoniously makes the name card has its own identity.

Tip: If you want to display a relaxed and friendly impression, you can use graphic elements such as cartoons or use bright colors.

4. Enter Important Text Content

business card example

Now comes the step to pay attention to the writing or content on your business card. What is written on your business card indirectly explains who you really are, whether it’s true or not, at least that’s the perception people will get when they receive it.

Therefore, make sure to enter important information in your opinion, if you are a freelancer it is better to eliminate information about the address and replace it with your portfolio website. So, it depends on your profession and what you want to highlight on your business card. But there are information contents that are commonly used on many business cards such as : 

  • Name – Website URL
  • Company Name – Social Media Account
  • Position – Office Address
  • Telephone number – QR code
  • E-mail address – Slogan

5.Right Typography

Things like content and design have been discussed, the next step is typography or writing style on a business card so that it is good to see. Typography has a significant role in ensuring that all-important information put together in a relatively small business card.

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There are 3 typographic elements that need your attention, which are : 

a. Size

It is important to make it easy for recipients to read business card information. At least the smallest size for a business card is 8pt. If you think there are other important writing elements that need to be highlighted for example your name, you can increase the size of the writing.

Even so you still have to remember to leave some blank areas so that your design looks attractive and nice when print business cards.

b. Font
business card example

The font you choose on your business card will greatly affect your personal or business identity. There are several common font types from business card example such as the sans-serif & serif font types which are then subdivided into font variations.

Just remember that the font you choose is a font that can represent your character.

c. Color

The choice of text color is also important, don’t let the color of your text can’t be seen because the background colors that collide with each other, besides the colors used must also be in harmony with the brand colors. Make sure you are prioritizing the contrast so that the recipient can clearly read the information you have.

6. Consider Finishing/Lamination

Besides being able to protect and make business cards more durable, finishing can also enhance the appearance of your business cards. You must often see examples of business cards where it has glossy looks or when touched gives a different impression. That’s the finishing function. If you print business cards with finishing you can create great impression to your prospective clients, investors, and partners.

Regarding the types of finishing that you can try, you can read in related reading below.

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7. Designing

The final step is to look for a designer or choose a design tool to make your business card. If you have trouble finding a business card designer, you don’t need to worry because at Printerous we can solve all your printing problems.

You can get hundreds of free design templates for business card printing products. You can also directly edit and design your dream business card directly on the Printerous website. Very easy right?

There are many different designs that you can create to print cool and attractive business cards. You can see business card example template used in the article below. Where the business card also has a neat and complete category so you don’t need to worry if your line of work and business is not there.

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