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Flyer is an effective promotional tool that is still quite popular. Flyer contains information about your products in a nutshell. Flyers are usually printed on one side even though it doesn’t mean that flyers can’t be printed on either side. With a small size, we must be careful in terms of making flyers so that flyers become more effective promotional tools.

Then how to make a good flyer? Check out these interesting tips below to make your flyer more attractive.

  • Reference

First look at design references that are suitable to apply in your flyer design. There are many free design websites that you can make reference. But just for reference, because the flyer is one of the spearhead marketing so it would be better if the design used is an original design.

  • Define Color

Color becomes one of the main factors in a flyer design. The colour selection must be carefully, bright colors are very interesting, but match the color to the product you inform in your flyer.

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  • Define text settings

The writing settings here are font type, font size, text box, etc. This is important because the type of writing represents the information you display on the flyer.

  • Define Title

The selection of words for the title needs to be done very carefully as the title is one of the first things that is read by the person who receives your flyer. The title should be made briefly, clearly, and interesting of course.

  • Specify the image Background

One interesting element of a flyer is certainly a picture, a flyer that only displays the writing will surely be very boring.

  • Layout Composition Settings

In a good flyer, there are pictures, writings and also infographics. Set the composition of how many posts or images are displayed, because flyer composition should be your concern, too much writing or picture isn’t good, give free space that’s useful to give a pause so that the reader isn’t confused.

  • Information presented

The information contained in the flyer must be solid, concise, clear, able to attract attention. Words, images, or infographics should be able to make this flyer receiver interested in your product.

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In making a flyer, always check your flyer design again, make sure the words, and the images listed in the flyer are correct. Always highlight the advantages or special offers of your product in a flyer. Always know your target marketing, different people mean the approach of marketing is also done.

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