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The scarcity of N95 masks and surgical masks nowadays cause people to look for other alternatives in Corona virus prevention. One of the main options is a cloth mask. Even though the protection offered is not as good as an N95 mask or surgical mask, the cloth mask has 3 layers, enough to hold droplets.

Cloth masks are not medically tested equipment, as well as fabric mask materials are also different from medical masks or N95. As reported by suara.com, according to the head of the task Force expert Covid-19 Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, cloth masks can ward off viruses up to 70 percent. We already know that the transmission of the Covid-19 virus through a splash of phlegm or saliva when the sufferer Covid-19 cough or sneezing, so as to tackle the transmission, the government is raising for the use of masks in each activity outside the home. And due to the limited medical masks and the N95 masks, the cloth masks became a massive solution for use.

Although it’s called less effective than other masks, using cloth masks is better than not using masks at all. For this cloth mask to effectively prevent corona viruses, here are the tips you can follow.

  • Select the mask that corresponds to your face size. This is intended so that the mask you use is not loose.
  • Always wash your hands with soap when you will use a mask or after using a mask. 
  • Note the correct use. Avoid touching the front part of the mask, while doing the wear, tie tightly so that the mask is not loose.
  • Once used, immediately wash the mask with the detergent and hot water, or replace the mask if it has been damaged or torn.
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Cloth masks are currently a practical solution, and are also more affordable. The availability of cloth masks on the market, the price is cheaper, and can be used repeatedly, to add value in choosing a cloth mask for daily purposes. However, the use of cloth masks for medical personnel is strongly discouraged.

Wearing a cloth mask may not be fully effective at protecting yourself from corona viruses, therefore we still have to do other ways of prevention. That is: Always wash your hands with soap. Avoid touching the eyes, nose, ears or mouth. Always keep the vitamin intake to increase the body immunity. Apply physical distancing so that direct interaction with others decreases.

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Preventing the Corona Virus should start from yourself. By applying the above tips, we take part in reducing the spread of this Covid-19 virus. Let’s strain the use of cloth masks for daily activities.