Running a business of pastries in the month of Ramadan is certainly very promising, because pastries are a dish that is certain to be present when the feast of Eid arrives. The high demand for pastries when welcoming Eid Mubarak is certainly making a lot of rivals in the business, ranging from home-based pastry entrepreneurs like you or big cake shops already known by name. No need to worry and hesitate to compete with an experienced pastry entrepreneur or big cake shop though, because despite the business of a home-made pastry, if indeed the taste and quality of your homemade pastries is very guaranteed, then you will be able to compete. One of the advantages of a large pastry shop in their pastry products is good packaging and also looks very elegant and professional. Don’t worry, you can also make your pastry products look elegant or professional by:

Use Label Sticker

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If you notice, the pastries that are sold in large pastry shops or malls certainly have label stickers on the packaging, and of course this is what makes the packaging look more attractive and also professional. Therefore, make sure you stick the sticker of the label jars on every packaging of the pastry product you made, and do not forget to create an attractive logo design, so that your pastry products will look more attractive.

Use Paper Bags

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To add a professional impression to your product, compared to wrapping it with plain plastic, you can use a paper bag with your business logo when you want to send it to the customer. Surely this will make your cake shop look like an experienced pastry shop.

Use Business Card

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After using sticker labels and paper bags, there is one more thing that you can do to support your product, that is to insert a business card into a paper bag. This is certainly very useful not only to look more professional but also make it easier for customers if you want to rebook products from your store. Moreover, tucking a business card is one of branding efforts so that your business brand will be increasingly known.

That’s the 3 basic ornaments you need to make your home-cooked pastry product become worthy to compete with pastries from large stores, because it cannot be denied that before customers taste the flavors of any pastries, they will tend to see which pastry packaging is the most interesting and promising. Then where can you order sticker labels, paper bags and business cards? Let’s visit, because all the ornaments you need for your pastry packaging you can get there in a practical way and also at a cheap price.