The use of corrugated boxes in business needs is often the choice in packaging. Corrugated packaging or boxes make products much safer, especially considering the geographical conditions of the archipelago of Indonesia so that business products might happen have to in delivery to many cities. The square shape makes packaging easier, lighter, safer and more secure. Now even these boxes are widely used to store and keep food and drinks in it. For business product printing activities, there are several types of corrugated box that will be explained in more detail so that business people can choose exactly according to their needs.

The following types of corrugated boxes for businesses need to be known:

Standard Corrugated Box

Is the type of cardboard box most commonly used for various packaging needs. At Printerous, you can order standard corrugated boxes in various sizes from S (22cm) to L (45cm).

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Delivery Corrugated Box

This type of box is shaped like a pizza box and multifunctional, you can make it as a gift delivery in the form of your business products that are limited or special for clients or loyal customers for their loyalty and trust in your business.

Small Corrugated Box

corrugated box

The last types of box is shaped like a shoebox, its compact and minimalist shape can be adapted to any type of business product.

That’s the type of box for business that you can try to use as product packaging. Corrugated boxes can also maintain the quality of goods in addition with an attractive design, you can further develop your business.

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