Photo Food Packaging by: Cristiano Pinto from Unsplash

Culinary business is currently in demand by many people. Various types of culinary business are emerging, whether small business to a large culinary business or restaurant. Order food Online is already a part of today’s lifestyle especially millennials. Busy work, causing a lack of time to cook into a separate factor. So many kinds of food sprung with various food packaging creations.

Food packaging is one of the important factors in this culinary business. Food packaging becomes a tool to maintain the quality of food when shipped or served, and can also be a branding of your product or label. People will usually remember a food from the packaging especially if the packaging has a unique shape.

Generally there are 4 types of food packaging, namely Lunch box Bento, Snack box, Paper Bowl, and Food pail. Well if you want to start a culinary business or create a new packaging for your product, these 4 types of food packaging are worth to consider.

  1. Lunch Box Bento

Lunch Box Bento is a meal packaging that has a partition inside the lunch box. Lunch Box Bento is often used for food that has a lot of support menu, such as Japanese food that usually contains rice, tempura and others. Or it could be for nasi uduk packaging. Lunch Box Bento aims to make the support menu not mixed with the main menu, so that the original flavor of the main menu is maintained. 

  1. Snack Box

Like its name, a snack box is used for light snacks, but it does not mean that the packaging cannot be used for heavy meals. Snack boxes are often used by catering business owners because the price is relatively cheaper than the lunch box bento. Material snack box material is usually made from ivory paper or duplex. Printing a custom snack box certainly makes your brand catering value higher, you can also input the important information about your product in this packaging.

  1. Paper Bowl

Paper Bowl is one of the packaging that demanded by the contemporary resto. Paper bowl is suitable for food with gravy, even though the food without gravy often uses a paper bowl like the rice bowl for example. Cheap paper bowl price especially if buying in a lot of the factors is why this type of packaging is in demand. Printing a paper bowl with your product or company logo screen printing certainly adds a good image of your brand. Printerous provides a wide range of size options to print paper bowls and also available print color options, but also an option to add a lid or not. Refine your packaging by adding sticker labels to the paper Bowl cover.

  1. Food Pail

Lastly, this unique packaging has an unusual shape, made of food grade with square shaped, often used for rice boxes. Food pail is less suitable when used for food with gravy. Just add interesting designs in your food pail, the taste of your food products will increase because the presentation or packaging of the food is interesting. 

Choose the food packaging that matches your product, your product packaging represents the character of your brand so make sure that you don’t choose one. 

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