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Sticker labels can be used as a tool to present product information on the packaging. Usually it contains information about the product logo, the product ingredients, instruction of how to use, and others. Sticker labels are also very important for branding and marketing, an attractive logo on your sticker label will certainly increase the value added of your product.

Sticker labels have different materials. For example: 

  • Chromo stickers are made of slippery paper material and have a high ability to stick on the surface. But it is also easy to fade, especially when exposed directly by the sunlight. Sticker chromo is more suitable to be used indoors or away from water.
  • Vinyl stickers are made of flexible and durable plastic, so it is not easily damaged. Vinyl stickers are fit outdoors because they are resistant to sunlight and hot weather.
  • Then there is also a transparent sticker commonly called clear sticker. The material is pliable and colorless. So it is suitable to show your product inside the case, without worrying it would be covered by the stickers.
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Besides materials, sticker labels can also be divided based on the shape & functions. I.e:

Round Label Sticker

A round-shaped label sticker usually used for flat packaging, such as a paper box or paper bag. Printerous provides this round label sticker with various materials: Chromo material, transparent sticker, glossy vinyl sticker and matte vinyl. Printerous also provides cut options for kiss cut/die cut.

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Jar Label Stickers

Next there are jar-label stickers, usually box-shaped, used for jars or round packs, and can choose the optional corner cut, such as rounded corner or sharp square corner. Printerous provides many options to print these jar-labels with a wide selection of materials, such as stickers Chromo, Glossy Vinyl, Matte Vinyl, and transparent Vinyl.

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Lunch Box Label Stickers

Namely stickers label is usually shaped box, used for the cover of the lunch box or lunch box. Usually made of Chromo sticker material, or vinyl sticker. In Printerous You can choose the type of cutting, material, and size you want.

Bottle Label Stickers

And lastly is the bottle label stickers. These stickers are usually round in shape. Of course used for drinking bottles. In Printerous, you can print your bottle label stickers for a cheap price as well as a wide range of print options, with regular and transparent vinyl material, or you can choose to have a cutting die cut or a kiss cut.

Then what is the difference between kiss cut and die cut? Kiss Cut is a method of cutting where the pattern is not truncated until the back paper so that it is still in the form of a sheet, then Die Cut is a method of cutting where the pattern is truncated to backing paper and follow the shape of the image.

Above are 4 kinds of sticker labels with their materials and functions. Printerous provides 4 types of sticker labels with a wide selection of methods and printed materials that are certainly assured of quality.