Since the pandemic struck, the need for personal protective equipment has increased, in addition to masks, face shield is also one of the PPE which is useful for protecting the face from droplets and dust. Wearing a mask, or face shield, has become a new habit to prevent viruses and comply with existing health protocols.

Then what is a face shield? Face shield is an object that aims to protect parts of the face from various objects, such as dust, chemical sparks, droplets, or potentially infectious material. Face shields are usually made of mica plastic or can also use other transparent plastic materials such as polycarbonate or polyethylene terephthalate (commonly known as PET or polyester). The use of a face shield is very practical and convenient, and the user’s flexibility is the reason why people choose a face shield.

advantages and disadvantages of face shield

Face shields were made to provide protection to the eye, nose and mouth area at the same time. Cough simulation studies have proven that face shields can protect users from exposure to particles of up to 94% when used within half a meter of a coughing person. Using a face shield is also very practical and convenient, and the face shield is easy to sterilize. The disadvantages of face shields are located from lack of protection because there are gaps in the sides and bottom.

Wearing a face shield is also recommended for wearing masks and goggles. Even though face shield is actually more intended for medical personnel, but now that there are many that provide face shields, so the people can use it everyday.

Cleans Face Shield

Face shield is a protection tool that can be used repeatedly, but the face shield must also be cleaned. The ways to clean face shields are quoted from, namely:

  • Basic cleaning and disinfecting

Soak the plastic face shield first with warm water to avoid scratches. Water can also be mixed with soap. Then after that, wash and clean using a soft cloth or sponge. Then rinse with clear water and dry with a towel or a soft cotton cloth.

  • Clean using disinfectants

Indeed, this method is quite fast, but it should be noted that the time is not to damage the transparent plastic layer. Wet contact if using 70% alcohol or other disinfectants is sufficient for 30 seconds to 4 minutes.

  • Avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia

Avoid using glass cleaner, because it can damage the surface of the plastic which causes the surface to become turbid, avoid using paper towels and also use toothpaste because it will damage the plastic.

To minimize damage when using a cleaner, you can do a test on a small part or the edges first.

Face shield is not a substitute for a mask, but a face shield provides extra protection to avoid contracting the disease. Despite using face shields, masks and goggles, we also need to keep our distance and obey other health protocols, so that the potential for contracting is getting smaller.

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