In finishing print products, we know that there are several types of finishing. Among them, there is the most common one which is embossed and deboss terms. Both emboss and deboss are commonly used for various printing needs such as invitation cards, book covers, business cards, and others. Let’s get to know finishing emboss and deboss with the explanation below.


Emboss is a finishing process that makes the print looks come out. The depth of the emboss can be adjusted as needed.

Finishing Emboss & Deboss

The embossing process is done by pressing the paper from the bottom, so it gives a prominent 3D effect.


Deboss is a finishing technique that gives a sink or concave effect.

Finishing Emboss & Deboss

The process of embossing and debossing can be done in 3 ways, which are machine (digital embossing), manual, and chemical embossing. Paper with a thicker material will make finishing emboss or deboss more visible.

Both of these techniques can be used to enhance your print products so they look more attractive to the recipient.

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