Business cards are always needed if you want to build relationships with business people and professionals, because by having a business card printed on yourself. You can automatically open new opportunities for yourself or your business. Business cards themselves are like a representation of yourself, business cards will show your identity indirectly. Therefore it is important for you to print business cards with good designs, but often if you want to have a good design, you have to hire the services of relatively expensive designers. Designing your own will be more difficult for those of you who don’t have a design background. In this article, you can find out how to print business cards easily and design for free.

When you think about making your own designs, what are your concerns? Is your design skillful enough? Or the software applications that tend to be heavy-sized and difficult to install? But as time goes by, you no longer need to worry about all that.

Now you can make and design business cards online with website, there are several websites that can certainly be a recommendation in designing business cards. But it is still rare right for any websites that can design business cards but at the same time can immediately print business card as well? The website is Printerous. What are the ways and steps? Read the full article in the following below!

1. Type Printerous.com or you can search for Printerous keywords in Google on your browser

2.After that Printerous.com homepage will appear, you can login / register first before starting to make business card 

There are options to login / register with Google or Facebook account, click and enter your email address and password. After successfully login / registered, make sure your e-mail has been verified to continue.

3. Then click the “Business Card” product option. 

You can choose the type of business cards you want to print, to find out the strengths and characteristics of each type of business card, you can find out below.

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4.After determining the type of business card you want, please choose the specifications of business card you wanted to print. 

5. After determining the specifications you want, scroll down to select the quantity and time of the business card that is required for your business activities.

6. Then make sure that the choice and specification you want already correct, well after that you can start designing your dream business card with this website’s free design template by clicking Choose Design.

You will then be taken directly to the Printerous website design editor online as shown below. Now in Printerous online design editor you can try dozens of free design templates that you can choose according to your taste. Here are some display design templates that can be a dream business card inspiration.

print business cards

Printerous has several business card designs with categorized jobs & business you might running. We will try to show some of the business card designs example :

a. Automotive Business Card Design
print business cards

With a simple design and minimalist color play, it still makes automotive business card design looks attractive. You can try to be as creative as you can because in Printerous’s online editor, you can tweak the design objects according to your taste to become a dream business card.

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print business cards
You can also zoom in and out image in this editor design
print business cards
Well, it turns out you can also vary and adjust the position of your creative image. You can try to rotate the object to make a unique and cool business card!
b. Pet Shop Business Card Design
print business cards

Examples of petshop business card design templates owned by Printerous.

c. Cake Shop Business Card Design
print business cards

There are still many examples of other business card designs that you can see when you make business cards online at Printerous

7. Choose a business card template that you like to design, Printerous has divided the design template according to the category of your work area to make it easier for you to design.

8. After choosing what suits your taste, you will be directed to design directly online. You can change the text, size, position, to add images that you like yourself here.

You can change the text even add. New text fields for additional information on your business card
print business cards
Text features on Printerous editor design online
print business cards
Feature images on the online design editor that  you can create according to taste
Add another supporting graphics to further enhance business cards
print business cards

You can add your business logo according to taste wherever the position that you think can look attractive. 

9. If you think your business card design is satisfactory, click finish and add to cart to print immediately. Then you will enter the cart view to be ready to check out payment.

After you click add to cart the payment display will immediately appear, and all your printed product information is listed.

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* Printerous sometimes often have discount promos for its various print products, keep updated about the promo on Printerous social media so you can print cheaper and save your print budget. 

10. After everything is confirmed to be appropriate, you can complete your payment by clicking pay now. and will then be directed to the payment method

New page will appear immediately that shows payment options, you can choose to pay using credit card, e-wallet (OVO or GO-PAY) or virtual bank account listed.

If you choose the transfer option using a virtual account, you will be taken to the payment page for a virtual bank account, credit card, gopay or ovo as shown below, then choose the method of payment as desired. Each method of payment has been accompanied by steps so you are not confused.

BCA Virtual Account

Credit Card

11. After completing payment, help us get better. Your participation and response will be greatly appreciated!

12. The final step is to make a payment, all you have to do is wait for the print product to be delivered to your address as soon as the printing process is complete.

Now that’s how to print business cards with free and easy design on the Printerous website. Where else can you design and print your business cards online at the same time?

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Of course this will save a lot of your time. Beside from that, as you know, Printerous also provides shipping services to your address, it is very convenient right. You don’t need to worry about road traffic or printing problem when printing online at Printerous.

Printerous print quality is guaranteed quality, because it is processed by staff who are experienced with the latest printing technology and quality control on the results of your print products. So when the print products reach your hands, you are satisfied with the printout.

Print business cards at affordable prices and convinient printing, only at Printerous, printing made easy!