Being in the creative industry 4.0 certainly makes the business people of e-commerce, F&B, fashion clothing, and other businesses must always give extra effort to attract prospective buyers. Well, in that case, the packaging box design is one of the important factors that play in the success of a product. But there are still some business owners who think that product quality and performance is far more important than packaging, so they often overlook important processes in packaging. All these factors are equally important and have their respective roles, the same case goes to packaging as well which has a strong role in terms of branding and marketing.

In this Printerous article, we will discuss more the importance of packaging box design for your business. Packaging box itself is packaging in the form of a box to protect the product from all conditions such as weather, shocks, and collisions with other objects. Packaging boxes are also very common because of their universal use, not limited to certain industries.

The following below are some reasons why you need to pay more attention to the design of your product packaging:

As a Brand Image

packaging box design

Every business needs an identity as a differentiator from the others. But how do you execute it in order to create memorable identity and represent your business according to its character? From the colors, fonts, and logos, all of them will be displayed as the design of your business packaging box so that it will form the brand image of your business. By combining these elements with the design of a packaging box that suits your business vision, the customer will immediately know that the packaging belongs to your business.

Creating Different and Not Boring Experience

packaging box design

Today’s businesses must go extra miles to maximize the packaging of their products, which is to create something different from other products in similar industries. That is experience. Don’t hesitate to always explore innovative ideas for the growth of your business. Because the experience gained from customers can make them loyal to your product and recommend it to the surrounding environment.

You can try by inserting a thank you card together with the packaging box or you can also use unusual colors so that the design of your product packaging makes it look attractive. For example, when other products use flashy colors, you can try using simple pale or pastel colors.

Effective Marketing Tools

packaging box design

An attractive and unique packaging box design can also be an effective marketing tool without you knowing it. Especially with the use of social media that is so large now, your customers will not hesitate to promote your product for free in their social media accounts if you provide a different and not boring experience as mentioned in the second point. So don’t consider the customer unboxing experience unimportant, it can bring your business even bigger.

Attract Interest of Prospective Customers

packaging box design

This is in line with other points, if you maximize the appearance of your packaging products and balanced with the different experiences offered, it will automatically attract other people’s attention. For example, as in the packaging above, the business presents a different concept and attracts the attention of prospective buyers because of the choice of colors, fonts and logos, and the selection of packaging boxes for these products that can invite curiosity and interest of prospective buyers.

Those are some of the reasons for the importance of packaging box design for your business. The essence of the packaging box is no longer solely a product protector but is now also used as an important factor in marketing and differentiating with competitors. You do not need to be confused or worry about finding a place that can help you realize packaging boxes with attractive designs as you wish because at Printerous we provide the best service for business people.

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