As we know, the event for the biggest startup community in Indonesia, Tech in Asia will soon take place, on November 16-17, 2016. Well, this moment will certainly be a perfect time for those of you who want to do networking. There will be many people who have the potential to become your clients, advisers who can be invited to exchange ideas or even partners. Well, to make your preparation is more mature and can give a professional impression when networking later, here are some tips from Printerous that you can follow.

Tight and Proper Handshake

Begin your formal self-introduction, i.e. with a firm handshake while making eye contact, smiling, and saying names. This close handshake is an open secret to show the professionalism and credibility of the person being spoken to. In fact, it has often been researched that this close handshake will create a positive reaction between you and your chat partner.

Wear Formal Attire

Although there is a saying don’t judge a book by its cover, but it seems that this saying cannot be used when you are networking. Because, when you first meet people, the appearance must be the number one thing to note. For that, wear neat clothes to give a good impression. Use shirts with neutral colors, trousers or jeans that are not perforated, also shoes that are not dirty.

Bring Your Business Cards

This is also an important thing you bring when you are networking. It is undeniable, business cards make our identity more credible and look professional. Having a business card also gives the impression that you are serious about the business that you are doing. The other person can also get various information about the product, address, telephone number, website, etc. with just one card. So as not to bother, print business cards online that are easy and fast only at Printerous Business. Choose one of the hundreds of templates available, complete the data, wait for print products done, and sent directly to your address.

  1. Gives Impressive Question

When networking, don’t just be a listener or talk about yourself. Try to communicate by asking questions that show you are interested in what work or business is being done by the person you’re talking to. Dig as much information as possible so that in the future you can create a wide network.

  1. Follow Up

After chatting, exchanging business cards, information, etc., don’t forget to follow up after the event. Don’t just collect business cards, but try to call or e-mail the other person to talk just for lunch or a coffee together. That way, the relationship doesn’t just end. You may not be able to establish a cooperative relationship at this time, but by maintaining this relationship you might be able to work together in the future or be introduced to friends who can help.

Well, those are tips you can do when you want to network at the Tech in Asia event later. For those of you who want to come to Tech in Asia later, Printerous also provide some interesting package promo for your business kit. Bootstrap Package and Lean Package are available or can be varied according to your needs. This promo is only valid until 11 November 2016. Immediately click here for more information. Good luck!