Printing habits change along with the development of technology and the internet, now many are starting online printing businesses. This provides more choices for the public, besides online printing is also considered to become solution towards the conventional process.

But there are still many who are hesitant to start doing printing activities online and still rely on offline printing even though they have to face some classic problems that are often encountered when printing offline.

But what exactly distinguishes both of them? Is it just a different way to order? Apparently not only that. Below will be discussed further about the significant differences between the two:

1. Orders Can Be Anywhere & Anytime vs. Orders Must Come To The Place & Limited Operating Time

With online printing, you can place order for the print products you need anywhere, whether at home, in the office as long its connected to the internet. You can also order at any time without worrying about operational closing hours because your order will still be processed at any time.

Of course, this is one of the big differences, which from the way. Online can be done via a smartphone or desktop for 24-hour internet connection while Offline must come to its place to place an order according to operating hours.

2. Short Time vs. Long Time

Online ordering does not take long, is fairly fast and easy. Just access the online printing website, select the desired print product and specifications, then write down the address and complete the payment. Unlike the case with offline printing where the time to travel there is already time-consuming, especially if on the streets of big cities like Jakarta, not to mention the manual and queuing ordering process.

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3. Specifications & Descriptions Are Clear on the Website vs. The Minimum Descriptions

When opening the website, all information is clearly stated so that users are not confused to choose the appropriate product selection. If you are printing offline, you might encounter confusion due to lack of print product information. Another added value in online printing is customer service that is also ready to serve you for further questions.

4. Real-Time Prices vs Prices According to the Printing Place

Prices shown in online printing have been estimated and prices adjusted to the market. It will be a little different if printing offline, the price between one printing to another can be different so it takes effort and extra time to do the survey.

5. Print Products Delivered vs Self-Take

One of the things that makes online printing begin to be in demand is the factor of delivering print products to specific addresses that are far more practical without the need to take it by yourself directly to the printing place, such as in offline printing.

Those are the 5 things that distinguish between online and offline printing, you now know better that online printing makes it much easier than offline.

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