As previously discussed in Printerous article with the title Reasons for the Importance of Packaging Box Design for Your Business, this time Printerous will give you more ideas & insights about packaging box design, Printerous has collected dozens of unique inspiration that can help increase your profit. Because one of the factors buyer interest in your business product also lies in its design, so you should not underestimate it.

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Here is the inspiration for packaging box design that you can try to apply to your business:

Floral Inspiration

Presenting a floral pattern or accent can be able to immediately attract the eye’s attention. Especially if the design is stylish and artistic combined into a simple form. Flower colors tend to be bright and fresh to give a good impression of your product brand in the eyes of prospective customers. Floral inspiration like this can be applied to various business fields such as F&B, perfume (aromatherapy), cosmetics and fashion.

Vintage Inspiration

Vintage style has become a trend lately and is favored by the younger generation so why not try to create a vintage design in a packaging box. The use of kraft and cardboard materials makes this design not too prominent but rather simple and elegant. Then add a touch of white stickers with a typical typewriter minimalist font, which then increasing and characterizes the vintage style. Do not forget to give an intimate and memorable personal touch to each buyer of your product, by inserting a thank you note can give different values ​​and impressions to the buyers.

Bold & Minimalist

Minimalist style design is also popular with business brand owners, because a minimalist design will highlight your brand identity to the fullest. Your brand name will automatically be embedded in the customer’s mind.

Unique & Innovative Unboxing Experience

Or you can try an unboxing style that gives the impression of being unusual, unique and innovative. So that buyers are not only satisfied with the products you offer, but also happy with the service of your brand, and it could be because it is very memorable to them so then the buyer will promote it for free to the surroundings, either in a way of mouth to mouth marketing or social media. 

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Mailer Box Design

packaging box design
packaging box design

Has it ever crossed your mind that an empty area inside of packaging box could be maximized for a business strategy? If not, the concept of a mailer box can be adopted by you immediately into the packaging of your product.

Welcoming your buyers with interesting sentences once opening a packaging box should be applied in your brand & marketing strategy, buyers love being considered special, so there’s nothing wrong to give a unique “greeting” when they open the packaging box.

You can try to include your brand’s unique slogan or tagline that further highlights the strengths and characteristics of a brand.

Gradient Design

packaging box design

Confused by choosing what color you want to try to use in your packaging box? Why not try combining several colors into a beautiful gradient?

The gradient concept for branding your business is never wrong, because the combination of several colors into harmony always catches the eye and attracts people’s attention. The energy from this stunning color transition makes it stand out and helps improve any design.

Colorful Design

packaging box design

In creation, there is no right or wrong concept if you don’t like the minimalist style, gradient or one-color concept for all packaging boxes. For those of you who might have high artistic spirits, you can design your packaging box with multi-colors that compliment each other. That can still catch the attention of prospective buyers, but not in the context of a colliding color that decreases buyer interest.

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Functionalist Packaging

packaging box design

The concept of packaging box like this is also unique and interesting for the development of your business, the aspect of functionality can be the value that you sell besides your own product. Like the picture above, where you make it easy for buyers of your products with the concept of a different packaging box or presenting a packaging box that can be used as a tote bag for everyday purposes.

Do you think of other ideas that can be functional in addition to the examples above?

Pull-Ribbon Packaging Box

Packaging box design that can make it easier for buyers to open the contents of the packaging box by pulling the ribbon that has been embedded in the box is also nice to try to implement in your packaging box.

Subscription-Packaging Box

packaging box design

You can insert messages about branding and recurring sales also in the packaging box. As an example of the product above, where they offer promos or giveaway in the form of a free subscription to an account or a Premium package by capturing the product purchased and asking to share on social media and tagging your brand’s social media account.

It’s not Always Have to be in Square Shaped

packaging box design
packaging box design

Packaging boxes do not always have to be in square / rectangular boxes, such as the product example above where the shape is trapezoidal and oval. The unusual shape will be interesting in the eyes of your prospective buyers.

The design inspiration above covers all existing business industries. Now that’s some design inspiration that hopefully can help to get ideas and insights on how to make your business turnover increase because of the strength of the brand in the packaging box.

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