If you want a good packaging box, of course, you have to match things between the packaging box material, the shape, and the design. These three things are what make a good packaging box. The packaging box itself is needed as a storage place for the product to be maintained. The purpose of packaging is to protect the product from pollution, as well as to provide information because packaging can contain a variety of information including barcodes.

Here are some of the material that often used to make packaging :


Ivory paper has characteristics that similar to Art Carton & Art Paper. Wherewith one side of the paper has this glossy side like art paper but on the other side has a matte (doff) texture. Because of these characteristics, Ivory become popular as catalog material and cosmetics packaging. Which can be seen from its thickness, Ivory paper has a thickness varied from 210 gram until 400 gram, the more bigger the number, the thicker the paper is.


Duplex paper is one type of cardboard that is commonly found on the market. This paper has the characteristics of different colored surfaces. The front surface has a white color while the other surface is gray. This white piece of paper is usually used as print media. This type of duplex paper usually has thickness around 230-450 gsm. With this weight, the paper is usually thick enough so that it’s suitable for some packaging products that are easily damaged.

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bahan packaging box

Kraft paper is the most commonly used material in cardboard boxes, kraft paper has stronger characteristics because of its durability, kraft paper is often a favorite in the choice of specifications for packaging boxes. Kraft paper made from pine wood is then processed into pulp, with a composition of 60% pulp + 40% waste (recycled paper material) + other chemicals.

Kraft paper itself is again divided into two types which are :

Brown Kraft

Brown kraft paper is able to provide effective protection and the surface is smooth so that the resulting print quality is good. This paper weight is generally 125, 150, 200, 275, 300 and 440gsm.

White Kraft

White kraft paper is the same as brown kraft paper, the difference is more to the color of the white surface while the inside is brown. Commonly available weights are 140, 200 and 250 gsm.

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