F&B business is currently increasingly in demand by many people. When starting a business in this culinary field, don’t just think about money funds and food recipes. But things like the right container for the food must also be considered. Many F&B entrepreneurs used paper bowls because they are practical at affordable prices. This one printing product varies from the type and size of the paper bowl.

Paper Bowl is a paper bowl that is now widely used for a variety of culinary businesses and in various events or parties. The paper bowl itself is a recyclable bowl made of thick paper such as cardboard. Usually, the paper bowl material will be coated with plastic or wax to prevent any leakage due to liquid ingredients or food broth. Paper bowls are considered to be more environmentally friendly compared to plastic bowls because paper material as we know it is very easy to decompose by soil. Therefore, paper bowls also have several types, which are cold and hot.

In addition to the types of paper bowls, there are also various thicknesses in the paper bowl, the following below is an explanation and thickness of the paper bowl size : 

8 Oz

This size is the smallest on paper bowl which has a diameter of 8.7cm in the top while the bottom diameter of 5.2cm and has a height of 3.3cm. This paper bowl size is usually used in ice cream containers.

12 oz

This size has a volume of 320ml. The top diameter is 10.8cm while the bottom diameter is 9.2cm and it has a height of 6.3cm. Paper bowls of this size are usually used for soup dishes.

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17 oz

paper bowl size

Paper Bowl of this size has a volume of 510ml in diameter at the top of 11.1cm while the bottom has a diameter of 9.2 and a height of 8.2 cm.

24 oz

paper bowl size

The volume at this size is 720ml making it suitable for noodle, porridge and other hot food containers. The diameter at the top is 14.1cm while the bottom is 11.7cm and has a height of 6.4cm.

33 oz

paper bowl size

Has a large capacity and with a volume of 990ml. Paper Bowl of this size can be used in a variety of foods and drinks. The top diameter of this size is 14.5cm while the bottom is 12.2cm and has a height of 9.5cm.

That’s it types of paper bowl size. We hope this article helps you to choose the right and suitable material according to your needs. At Printerous, we provide various kinds of materials, if you want to make an order of paper bowl, you can contact our staff via email. Your chosen material will directly process with our hi-tech work system and experienced staff. Your convenience is one of our main priorities together with the assurance of quality and delivery speed, our printouts are always satisfying. Cheap online print with guarantee quality only at Printerous, where-Printing Made Easy! 

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