Back then, food packaging only seen to had one main function as packaging, nothing really special. But now, since F&B industry has massive growth and becomes very competitive. Since then food packaging has more diverse function to add more value. And the other function is not less important. Then, what is it? Let’s find out in this article.

There are 4 functions of food packaging that need to be known especially for F&B businessman!

Food Protection

Product Packaging Function

One of the function food packagings is created is to protect the food so that the condition and shape of the product remain the same when leaving the factory or store to distribute it to some places. It is very important to keep food safe while in the process of transportation and distribution. There are two types of packaging that usually used to wrap products. The first is known as primary packaging, which is the material used to wrap the product itself. Primary packaging can be in the form of bottles, paper cups, paper trays. While the second is known as secondary packaging, which is packaging for display or shipping. The secondary packaging can be in the form of a placemat, wrapper, binder and can be made of cardboard, plastic, rope, wrapping paper or carton.

Keep Food Safe to Consume 

Product Packaging Function

Food is very vulnerable, which makes it easy to damaged. Of course, as business owners do not want food that is received by customers damaged or rotten. The way to make sure the packaging can keep the product safe for consumption is to make sure the packaging has food-grade and to include a list of food ingredients and expiration dates on food packaging.

Maintain Product Freshness

Product Packaging Function

We also need to make sure food products are in good condition and fresh. Keep in mind that there are customers who store and keep the products at home and do not consume soon after the food purchased. Here are some tips and tricks for maintaining product freshness :

  1. Use materials that help make products last longer such as plastic wrap compared to paper wrap
  2. Use other dividers such as aluminum foil or plastic wrap
  3. Use resealable packaging so that it’ll prevent air inside and adds convenience for the buyer, especially for the type of food that can be stored.

Brand Identity

Product Packaging Function

Last but not least, and it is still important elements especially if talking about impressions and communicating with customers. Good packaging design will attract the attention of customers and increase product brand awareness. That’s why it is important to choose quality materials along with eye-catching designs because it’ll definitely help your brand to grow more.

Well, that’s it the 4 functions of food packaging that need to be known. After knowing the important functions of food packaging, what needs to be done next is to print food packaging for your business. Print food packaging easily and affordable only at Printerous. There are various types of food packaging with guaranteed print quality. Contact us for more information on food packaging.