Stickers are often used in a variety of situations, because of the variety of shapes and images that attract attention and are liked by people. That’s also what makes stickers is the favorite choice of businessmen for their printing needs. Because its uses are universal and flexible. It can be used as a souvenir (gimmick) for marketing purposes, product labels, decorations or accessories, and others. Therefore many people want to have cool sticker design so the brand can get noticed. And you often confused to find reference designs that match your taste.

Relax, because, in this article, Printerous will provide some sticker design inspiration that you can make as a reference in making your custom sticker design.

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Bright & Vibrant Stickers

The first design inspiration that you can try to apply to your stiker design is like the two stiker examples above, where the stikers play on the composition of bright colors, vibrances and contrast with each other so that they look attractive.

Colors like this will always stand out in the crowd, so for those of you who like this type of design it never hurts to be used as a reference when designing your custom stikers.

Stickers with Quote Content that Feels Personal

Have you perhaps often see people’s laptops decorated with a variety of stickers, usually the sticker attached, contains a quote sticker right? With interesting quote content, the recipient or buyer of the sticker will be interested in buying it, especially if the contents of the sticker feel personal to them. They will be happy to attach the stickers to objects that they often use every day so they can see the sticker frequently. 

Design with a Serious & Professional Style

There is nothing wrong to use stikers with a serious and professional style if your business is engaged in services and the impression you want to convey to the recipient is the professionalism of your business. As in the picture above, you can also provide information about the website, name and telephone number on a printed stiker.

Design in a Vintage or Retro Style

sticker design

For those of you who like this one particular style, it never hurts to make this style as a reference sticker. The classic but elegant impression displayed by this style makes it never passed by the times and never boring. In addition, many people are fond of vintage and retro design styles, after all this type of design style can be accepted by everyone, and easily liked.

Stickers with cute and iconic characters

sticker design

There is always room for creativity. You can design stickers with a cute cartoon character animation style, or you can turn your business objects into adorable expression that makes the recipient of the stickers happy to feel the energy of your sticker characters.

You can also put your business identity into it as well and maybe find your business mascot in the process of designing character stickers.

Design with a minimalist style

Minimalist design is currently on the trend, many are starting to adopt this style into their business designs because it is simpler and looks cleaner. Minimalist design is also safer to apply for those of you who are still confused about exploring design with bolder color. Because minimalist designs tend to use one to two common colors.

In addition, stickers with a minimalist design will be more comfortable to be seen by people around.

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A Sticker that Fully Brands Your Business

You can also try to design a sticker using your brand as a theme, you can use the components of the brand to the fullest on a single sheet of stickers. Like your brand mottos, logo, name, and others.

In this way, you can bring a lot of variations but at the same time introduce your brand identity and awareness with an attractive and cool appearance, the recipient of the sticker that receives it, especially your loyal customers, will appreciate it very much and will not hesitate to stick it on some items or even their vehicles.

Stickers with Consistent Themes

sticker design

When it comes to print stiker, especially custom stickers, you can choose according to your wishes, but it’s not wrong either to set a sticker with one specific theme to make it look more harmonious and consistent.

If your business is engaged in the field of F&B like cafes, you can make a sticker design around food.

You can use your creativity to the maximum extent to create cool and funny sticker designs according to your wishes, after finishing designing your stickers, the final step is to print them.

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