There are various types of materials used in making packaging. Among these materials, the most commonly used are ivory paper and duplex carton.
What is the difference between the two types of packaging materials? Let’s read the explanation below.

Ivory Paper

Ivory paper is a type of paper with a glossy white outer side and a white inner side with a rough texture. Ivory paper is also often referred to as a combination of art carton and matte paper. It has thick and sturdy characteristics.

The ivory paper gives a clean and exclusive look. If you want to print packaging with a full-color design, then the ivory paper is a good choice. Ivory paper can also be used as primary packaging for food because the material is food grade. Food grade means that ivory paper is safe for food, and is able to maintain the quality of food in it.

Ivory paper is used as raw material for food packaging, cosmetic packaging, and shopping bag.

Duplex Carton

Duplex carton is a type of paper with a white outer side and a dark gray inner side. This type of paper is among the most commonly used because of its economical price.

Compared to ivory paper, duplex cartons are lighter and less sturdy. Duplex cartons also do not have food grade standards making it safer to use as secondary packaging for food, such as snack boxes, rice boxes, and another product packaging. However, duplex cartons have more thickness variations than ivory paper, namely 250 gr, 270 gr, 310 gr, 350 gr, 400 gr, 450 gr, up to 500 gr.

Now, after reading the difference between ivory paper and duplex cardboard earlier, you have understood which type of paper is suitable as your packaging material. Make sure your packaging uses high-quality material, but still at competitive prices. Print packaging with quality ivory paper and quality duplex cartons only at Printerous. Visit the website or contact us via email for pricing and ordering information.