Electronic Card is a payment tool that used electronic medium and that is computer network and also internet. Monetary value from the customer is stored in certain electronic medium. E-money is often called as Electronic Cash, digital money, digital cash, electronic currency or digital currency. E-money can be used to various kind of transaction in easier and practical ways.

This following below is types of e-money :

Flazz BCA

Flazz BCA is the first prepaid card that used e-money system. Bank BCA is the first bank that used technology advancement by release hi-tech prepaid card. You can use this card for several merchant that has partnered with Bank BCA. Right now, Flazz can be use for a lot of public transportation such as KRL, MRT, and also busway.

Mandiri E-money

Mandiri e-money is prepaid card that release by Bank Mandiri to use it as to serve the needs on digital transaction in Indonesia. With using Mandiri e-money, you can do digital transaction as replacement for cash. Right now a lot of people use this card. 


Brizzi is a product of electronic money from BRI to serve and process digital transaction. As a product of e-money, you can use this card as a replacement of cash money for your daily use. 

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