An envelope is a packaging item, used typically to carry letters. Envelopes have many uses in offices, being used to contain a range of documents, from official letters, reports, contracts, and many others. With that in mind, the importance of envelopes cannot be overstated, and custom envelopes even more so—as a vehicle of important matters and an enabler of communication in the professional world, a company envelope must be a custom one and look the part: presentable, personalized, and professional.

With that being said, your choice of paper for your custom envelope is obviously very important in determining whether your envelope won’t fall short of expectations. Here are several examples of the paper type for your custom envelope available at Printerous:

  • Art Paper 150 gsm
Types of Envelope Paper

This paper is often recognized from its characteristic shiny gloss, which helps make the colors and shapes really come to life. It is somewhat stiff, making it seem thicker than it actually is and quite firm. As a result, these qualities qualify the paper as being very suitable for document safekeeping purposes as it turns out to be quite resilient. Moreover, due to the sheen and gloss, this paper will give your envelope a fresher, livelier look.

  • Matte Paper 150 gsm
Types of Envelope Letter

This paper is renowned for its remarkably smooth surface, being silky to the touch and feeling good in your hand. It is glare-free, which means that it will work well with a blend of a wide palette of colors, and also without. With this paper, not only will your envelope look very sleek and refined, but it will also have a dab of fanciness attached to it. This paper gets an A+ for a great presentation.

  • HVS Paper 100 gsm
Types of Envelope Paper

This paper is considered a classic and the to-go option for most cases when it comes to envelopes. It is light, versatile, and fairly common among all other materials. On the other hand, though, this paper is not as durable and more vulnerable to wear and tear.

  • Samson Kraft 70 gsm / 200 gsm / 280 gsm
Types of Envelope Paper

Samson is a recycled paper that is brown and has a rough surface.

The Samson Kraft paper material comes from the recycling process and is commonly used to make paper bags, but can also be used as envelope material. Its grammar per square meter varies from 70 gsm to as thick as 200 gsm and 280 gsm.

For the print base, because the basic color is brown, generally Samson paper is printed only 1-2 colors because if you use a full colour the results will be not as bright as paper that has a white surface.

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