Corona Virus pandemic or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) or also called Covid-19 is happening not only in Indonesia but throughout the world. This virus attacks the respiratory system, and also has a very high transmission rate. Corona transmission usually by droplets & personal contacts. To reduce the transmission, we are highly recommended to wear masks.

There are various types of health masks with a variety of different functions. These are types of health masks that are summarized from various sources.

Surgical Masks

Paramedic wearing Surgical mask Illustration. Photo by Unsplash

Surgical mask is a type of disposable mask that is easily found and is often used by medical personnel when on duty. These masks generally have a green or blue color, designed to protect the wearer from large particle droplets.

The right use of surgical masks is the colored layer facing outwards. White coating is a material that absorbs moisture and other particles. The colored coating is waterproof to prevent any liquid from being absorbed into the mask.

N95 mask

N95 Mask Illustration. Photo by Unsplash

N95 masks are known as air respirators which protect the wearer by filtering out harmful particles. Although protection is better, the N95 mask is not recommended for daily use. Due to the design that makes people who use it difficult to breathe, hot, and do not feel comfortable wearing it for a longer period of time.

P95 mask

Unlike the N95 mask, the P95 has more resistance in filtering oil particles released such as gasoline or paint.

Scuba Masks

This Scuba mask has a stylish shape, this mask usually does not have a filter or filter sheet. Even so, this mask is enough to hold droplets.

Scuba masks are now often the first choice for the community in preventing the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the availability of masks that are relatively efficient compared to other types of masks.

Mask Illustration. photo by Unsplash

Using a mask to prevent transmission of the corona virus is very important. Whatever type of mask. Whether it’s surgical masks, scuba masks, and other health masks, or even cloth masks.

In addition to promoting the use of masks, we are also strongly encouraged to wash hands with soap, always maintain food and vitamin intake, and try to stay at home or independent isolation to prevent the spread of the corona virus.In order to support the prevention of this corona virus, Printerous provides a health mask. Scuba mask is effective for preventing droplets up to 70% with comfortable materials, anti-bacterial, anti-dust and water resistant technology. Order a scuba mask with your own design and company logo. For more information, contact us through email.