Stamp cards are paper cards with stamp pads on them that are given by an establishment to its customers. Stamps are given for the customer to fill the card with every time they visit until they reach a certain number of stamps at which point they are rewarded by the establishment as a token of appreciation.

Stamps cards are much more than a simple card with stamp marks on them—They are a mark of loyalty and trust between the establishment and the customer. That is why it is very important that when dealing with something so sacred that you deliberate over the material and effort put into making the stamp card, including the type of paper that you use. Different papers have different textures, thickness, cost, and ultimately looks to them.

Here are some examples of the types of paper that can be used in making a stamp card:

Art Carton 260 GSM

This is the most common choice among all the other options due to it being an economical option. It has a distinctively smooth white surface, giving it a sleek, glossy look. 260 gsm here indicates the thickness of the paper. In this case, the Art Carton is 260 grams per square meter. This property makes the paper a favorite pick not only for the production of stamp cards, but also business cards, flyers, brochures, and many others.

Splendorgel 230 GSM

Types of Stamp Card Paper

The splendorgel is characterized by its silk-smooth surface which is velvety to the touch. This delicate nature and its high opacity lead to it being sought out for use in printing colorful designs that result in a brilliant print. Aside from stamp cards, this paper is also used in printing tickets, menus, invitations, and many others.

Fancy Eggshells 216 GSM

Types of Stamp Card Paper

This paper is a classic, traditional pick. Its lightness compared to the other types of papers, as well as its trademark offwhite colour gives it its timeless appeal. Its remarkable quality and consistency made it a longtime favorite in-office use e.g. in making envelopes, annual reports, official letters, etc.

Everyday Smooth Bright 270 GSM

Everyday smooth bright is an exclusive paper that emits colors well, has a smooth texture and does not radiate lights.

All in all, whatever your choice of paper is, Here at Printerous, we assure you that it will be of the highest quality. We source our materials from trusted and reliable shops because we believe that trust and reliability should also be the foundation of the relationship between us and you. Let our dedication in providing you with only the highest in quality of materials and service at so affordable a price be our stamp of loyalty to you. Order your stamp cards online at Printerous Business!